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Too often, talented musicians and singers perform in loud bars or restaurants where they are simply “background noise”. Also, many music venues don’t have enough seating to accommodate their guests (or worse yet there are no seats at all), the food & booze is way too expensive, parking is terrible (if you can even find a spot), and the shows start and end too late. With all of this in mind, Steamworks Creative was launched as a collaborative venture between a group of performers and dedicated live music lovers.

Steamworks Creative is a very small space (max seating 50) tailored to solo, duo, and trio acoustic performers, a true “listening room”.
Steamworks is a BYOB venue, and folks can also bring in food. It’s quite common to see our guests with fine wine and cheese trays or their favorite craft beer! We also sell coffee, soft drinks, and snacks, and parking is free. We typically charge a cover at the door, though advanced online ticketing will be used for some shows.

This venue is dedicated to the performer and as a result is designed to be free of distractions and unwanted noises. Please respect the performer by remaining silent.

  • Please refrain from talking during the performance.
  • Please try to remain seated during the performance. If you leave to use the restroom, please be respectful.
  • Please silence your phone. No, seriously, please silence it.
  • Also, please bring some cash. Most performances cost between $10- $20. This will go a very long way in keeping each artist on their path to success and keeping Steamworks Creative a healthy destination for great music in Pittsburgh.

Please visit our photos page to see images of the space.

Thank you for visiting our web site, we hope to see you soon.

John M. Vento & Matt Bryer